Poll workers urgently needed for November election


Source: Tulsa County Election Board

The Tulsa County Election Board needs poll workers. Are you curious about the election process? The best way to learn about elections is by being a poll worker. Poll workers are the backbone of the election system. Without them, elections would not happen.

There are a few requirements to become a Poll Worker:

  • Be a registered voter in the county you want to work in.
  • Have your own car.
  • Be able to communicate through email and text messages. This is the primary way Tulsa County contacts its workers
  • Attend a one-day training course.
  • Be able to work an extremely long day. Workers are required to be at their assigned polling location from 6 a.m. until at least 7 p.m. when the polls close and all job duties are completed. This is required by State law (no split shifts, leaving early, or arriving late is allowed).
  • We try to place workers as close to their homes as possible, but we ask for flexibility and willingness to go to polls where we have openings.
  • There are three job positions.
    • Inspector: Like the manager of the poll. Responsible for managing the voting device, transporting election supplies from the Election Board to the poll, and transporting supplies back to the Election Board on election night, other duties as needed.
    • Judge: responsible for finding voters in the precinct registry and checking voter IDs, other duties as needed.
    • Clerk: works closely with the Judge to issue the correct ballot or ballots to the voter, other duties as needed.

Poll workers are paid based on the job position. Pay ranges from $100 - $110. We are currently looking for poll workers for the Nov. 8 general election though the required training is good for 2 years. To apply, go to www.tulsacounty.org/pollworkers

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