Broken Arrow approves moratorium on short-term rental apps


By John Dobberstein, Editor

Citing concerns that the “residential character and economic base” of Broken Arrow is could be threatened, the City Council Tuesday approved a 120-day moratorium on processing new applications for short-term rentals.

The resolution passed on a 5-0 vote is meant to give city staff enough time to finish reviewing the current status of short-term rentals and explore a potential ordinance that would regulate the rentals more tightly.

In fact, the city already has a draft ordinance prepared that may be considered by the Broken Arrow Planning Commission in February, said Interim Community Development Director Jill Ferenc.

City councilors have been discussing the issue of short-term rentals for several months and asked for a moratorium on applications to be drafted during their Jan. 3 meeting.

The resolution approved Tuesday vote says the residential character of Broken Arrow is “a source of pride and economic stability” for residents, but the recent trend of existing residential structures being used by owners for the primary purpose of renting to short-term rental occupants has created concerns.

The city defines “short-term rentals” as one or more permanent buildings containing guestrooms offered for the temporary abiding place of persons who are lodged within or without meals, for compensation.

The resolution says council members believe more specific zoning laws are needed to “address this increasingly popular land use activity” and that short-term rentals.

The council went so far so add that short-term rents have the potential to “create conflicts with their residential neighbors” and “degrade residential neighborhoods by introducing noise, parking congestion, and other detrimental impacts while also adversely affecting the traditional neighborhood character that results from a community of owner- occupied properties.”

Council members believe unregulated short-term rentals, or short-term rental occupancies “may be incompatible with residential neighborhoods and zoning districts” and such uses must be carefully regulated and monitored “to minimize deleterious effects in residential zoning districts.

“This is particularly so in those situations where the property owner is not present during times of short-term rental occupancy.”

Council members also believe a review of the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map is needed to determine how to best regulate short-term rental occupancy uses within the city “so as to avoid adversely impacting residential districts and the community character in general.”

The City Council, the Broken Arrow Planning Commission or some other assigned committee will complete an evaluation and assessment of existing short-term rental regulations and make recommendations to the City Council.

The resolution also says the city reserves the right to the moratorium period for 2 additional periods not to exceed 120 days each.

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Joe: There had been complaints the last several months about some short-term rentals, where people were having loud parties, leaving trash in the yard, etc., basically doing things to disturb the neighbors. 

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I do not believe there have been issues with AirBnB's. The issue is, the city council does not understand them. I was at the last meeting and its clear they have never stayed in one. The level of misunderstanding is disheartening.
 Do you think Home owners don't have loud parties? 
It is a violation of Airbnb's guest rules to have a party.  So,the guest will be flagged and have a difficult time ever renting again. Also, a 2 day minimum stay curbs party ideas. Most Airbnb owners have cameras and can see if more guests enter the home, than are allowed. So, you can stop that before it begins. I am not going to allow someone to tear up my investment. That is my hard earned money.  There is no way the city council cares more about my property, then I do!!!!!
I own 4 airbnb's for several years and have never had a single issue. 
However, the issues I have with long term renters, is extensive.
I own a property management company and I can assure you, the damage a long term renter can do in a year, never ceases to amaze me. With an Airbnb I can see my investment every week!
  An Airbnb will be one of the nicest homes in the subdivision, othewise, it won't get rented. A free market works that way. Here is another tidbit, I learned in Macro Economics 101, at TCC:
A FREE MARKET IS SELF REGULATING!!!!! We don't need a city council "feeling" like something is bad. We need real facts, the facts do not support the "feelings." 
If Airbnb's drop property values why does it cost $500 per foot to buy a property in Broken Bow, Ok? They have more Airbnb's per capita than any town in our state! Class...Class,...anyone... Bueller? The answers is: It's $500 per foot because, Airbnb's DO NOT lower property values, in fact they raise values. They have to be super cute or they wont get rented.
Finally, we don't need the city goverment to take away more of our rights. Property ownership is a fundamental right; I guess they have a ton of money to fight the ACLU, and the National Association of Realtors and friends.  
If they shut down short term rentals, they need to shut down long term rentals, as well. Long term rentals are far worse and actually DO affect property values, because years go by, with zero maintenence. I can drive down any street and point out the long term rentals.
  The moritorium needs to be on ignorance not Airbnbs. 
The next thing you know, they will be trying to add ordinances that stop panhandlers from begging at schools, despite the fact that the police chief said, it is not an issue. No one has ever reported a panhandler, at a school, in the history of our town. Tjhere are several other ordinances that will cover that issue, like trespassing.  Yet, the city council wants to add an ordinance. Making laws, just to make laws, is not a conservative value.
Less goverment please!!!!!

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