OK2A president taken to task over anti-gay comments


By John Dobberstein, Editor

The president of one of Oklahoma’s largest political organizations is criticizing the Tulsa County Republican Party for bringing in a gay supporter of former President Trump to Tulsa.

Scott Presler, a Republican activist, is expected to visit Tulsa Aug. 23-25 to motivate grassroots political activity. Presler’s sexual orientation was not mentioned in the flyer posted Aug. 14 by the Tulsa County GOP. Presler is also slated to appear in Oklahoma City and Norman Aug. 26.

Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Assn., asked who Presler was. Tulsa County GOP Chairwoman Ronda Vuillemont-Smith told Spencer to “Google him.”

“So he was in the movie, ‘Gays for Trump.’ Is this why the Tulsa County GOP is excited to have him? Is this what makes him incomparable to the rest of the GOP?” Spencer asked.

“We believe it’s his relentless pursuit across our nation, educating, registering and mobilizing the grassroots organizations and flipping voters to the GOP,” the Tulsa County GOP responded. “There’s an enormous amount of evidence showing the work and difference he’s making at the grassroots level and beyond. His dedication and drive are truly unparalleled. We believe his contribution to the Republican Party is what makes him incomparable, obviously.”

“So Ronda,” Spencer wrote, “you support a homosexual inspiring straight people to vote. Are there not any straight people available that has accomplished working with the grassroots of Oklahoma that could do the same? Are any of the other 76 GOP county groups in Oklahoma requesting this homosexual inspiring activist join their meetings?”

“We support people who are supporting taking back our country. Is he out in support of the surgical mutilation of children? No!” the Tulsa County GOP responded. “He’s not shoving his private life in anyone’s face, he’s doing the hard grassroots work all across the country.

“If you think you can do what he’s doing, if you know someone who can, by all means. He’s dedicated his life to this cause, the same one we all share!”

“So Ronda, you are content with having a homosexual who is not supporting mutilating children to motivate Christians in two Tulsa County churches to vote for Trump?” Spencer shot back. “So if he was a practicing adulterator or child molester, you would be content with that as long as he motivates Christians and Republicans to vote for Trump because you are not aware of any straight Christians that have inspired the Oklahoma grassroots?”

“Sometimes it actually benefits us to get to know people before casting judgement upon them. Deciding someone is unworthy isn’t your job or ours,” the Tulsa County GOP responded.

“You’ve decided someone isn’t worth redemption based on limited information and you’re now deflecting to other topics. Clearly, this event isn’t of interest to you, that’s fine. You don’t have to decide it won’t be of interest or help for others. I promise, he won’t turn anyone ‘gay.’

“Sometimes a little humility goes a long way. God is the only one who can decide who’s worthy, we will leave it up to him. We are honored that Scott is coming, he is a wealth of knowledge and information. Thanks for your input.”

“I'm not question(ing) his judgement or actions, Ronda, I'm questioning yours,” Spencer wrote. “You said, ‘Google him’ and I did. Your willingness to overlook the Trojan horse in front of you. You still will not answer how many other counties are requesting this speaker that you claim works with the grassroots. If I ask any of the grassroots leaders in this state, will they say they know of him?”

“Feel free, good thing about a FREE COUNTRY,” the Tulsa County GOP responded. “I’m not sure where you think this “Trojan Horse” will be deployed, please feel free to expand on that.”

“So Ronda, are you going to have any Drag Queen Shows to inspire the Christians and GOP members to vote for Trump?” Spencer asked.

The Tulsa GOP responded to Spencer that he was out of touch. “You do know that not all people who are gay/homosexual participate in drag and not all who participate in drag are gay/homosexual? You just feel the need to jump on here, judge someone you don’t know. When what you should have done was attended and met him, then developed an opinion based on fact.”

The Broken Arrow Sentinel asked Spencer Monday if his comments were his own personal views or that of the entire OK2A organization. The group’s website says its mission is to, among other things, educate legislators, the media and public about “the Founders’ intent concerning the 2nd

“My statement is consistent with our Board of Directors and the grassroots leadership in Oklahoma,” Spencer told the Sentinel.

Presler did not immediately respond Monday morning to a request for comment.

During other comments made about the post, Spencer asked, “You can’t find a straight man or woman to inspire the GOP?”

Broken Arrow GOP organizer Josh Stenros took Spencer to task in the post about his statements.

“Your organization is about gun rights. Here is a fun fact for you. Gay folks have trigger fingers as well. They own guns and have likely donated to your organization,” Stenros said. “From the looks of this thread, you are the one making an issue out of his sexual preferences. It wasn't mentioned anywhere in this flyer, nor is it a part of the presentation.

“This is sad to see you acting this way if I’m honest. The gavel of judgement is far too big to fit your mortal hands, and that title was never granted to you either. We are all sinners to include you. (You) May want to figure out how to use the Bible to love your neighbor instead of attempting to wield it as a weapon. Other than that, you have the choice to simply not go. This is not a drag show or any of the other silliness you stated above.”

Matt Griffiths, formerly from Broken Arrow and a gay Republican, said Spencer's comments "reflect a disappointing narrow-mindedness that fails to grasp the importance of inclusivity within the Republican Party.

"As a gay Republican who values the Second Amendment and individual liberties, I find it disheartening that some individuals can't see beyond their biases. You can disagree with someone's lifestyle (which I respect) and still recognize that being gay doesn't define one's ability to inspire, educate, or contribute positively to the grassroots movement. A movement that must be successful if we want to take our country back."

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