Broken Arrow police investigating complaints about officer’s treatment of loose dog


By John Dobberstein, Editor

Residents in a neighborhood in Broken Arrow are complaining about a recent incident where a police officer allegedly drew his gun, tased and pepper-sprayed a loose dog that jumped in his vehicle

Two videos have been posted on Facebook and TikTok about part of the incident. One video on Facebook taken by a neighbor shows a Broken Arrow Police Department officer pursuing a loose dog around his vehicle and spraying it with mace or pepper spray.

The neighbor, Deanna R. Westbrook, said in a lengthy Facebook post Saturday that the officer, who lives next door to her, said the officer got angry after the dog jumped into his police vehicle as he was packing for work.

“I witnessed him kicking and hitting the dog while yelling at it ‘hey dog, go dog’ in a fit of rage over and over,’” she said.

When the officer wasn’t successful removing the dog, Westbrook said he walked to the passenger side and opened the door and climbed into the vehicle “and tased the dog several times while stating, ‘Go dog, your [sic] lucky I don’t just shoot you.’”


Westbrook said she got involved and yelled at the officer to stop. She went inside to get her husband, who went outside and took a towel from the officer to help remove the dog from the vehicle.

After he set the dog down, it jumped into the passenger side, she said, and her husband retrieved it again. Westbrook went inside to get a shirt and she and Westbrook returned to their yard, and she said the officer was still “antagonizing” the dog.

After telling the officer to stop, Westbrook says, the officer “tried to say, ‘I have a wife and kids this dog might attack.’”

“So I said ‘Your kids are babies, they’re not even out here, just go, I’ll help the dog,’” she says.

The husband walked over again to help get the dog – which she says was bleeding from the head after being tased -- from under the vehicle but was unsuccessful.

At one point the officer pulls a bottle from his belt and sprays the dog with a chemical and the dog hides underneath the rear bumper of the police cruiser.

According to Westbrook, her husband told the officer ‘Just leave the dog alone, go to work and we will help it.’

“This infuriated him and he said ‘Get off my property’ so I walked back to my yard and my husband walked to the curb while officer followed him. My husband then stated, ‘I’m not letting you hurt that dog, so call the sheriff’ and then the officer got mad again and withdrew his gun and was waving it around and walked toward the dog.

“When he got to the dog, he stopped and put it up. I started yelling, ‘That’s so uncalled for, just leave’ he looked at me and said ‘Have a nice day’ and got in his car and left,” Westbrook wrote in her post.

Westbrook said her husband had earlier posted there were 3 dogs down by the pond area of their neighborhood and they were able to find the owners. But she said the dog was so afraid from the incident it would not come to the owners either.

Westbrook said she later discovered the dogs belonged to the officer’s babysitter but they were not notified about the incident until later in the morning by the officer’s wife.

Westbrook said the incident was reported to the Broken Arrow Police Department and Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office.

Broken Arrow Police Department Public Information Officer Ethan Hutchins said the department, “is aware of a video being shared on social media involving a BAPD officer.

“As with all incidents involving our officers, the Office of Professional Standards is conducting a thorough investigation. No additional statements will be made at this time.”

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