Bixby church proposes resolution to noise issues


By John Dobberstein, Editor

After paying thousands of dollars in fines due to noise complaints from enraged neighbors, Bixby’s Transformation Church has floated a solution.

The church, located at 10441 Eagle Regal Pl. – near 101st Street and Memorial Drive – has been the source of noise complaints since moving there in 2020.

Bixby police have been dispatched there potentially hundreds of times due to the complaints. The city reportedly issued an abatement notice in 2020 but the situation apparently did not change.

On Saturday, the city of Bixby said the church agreed to modify weekday rehearsals, using in-ear speakers and minimizing the use of facility speakers.

“At the same time, the church is also evaluating the feasibility of moving the stage as a long-range sound mitigation solution,” said Bryan Toney, a spokesperson for the city of Bixby. “This modification would require a major remodeling effort and require a number of weeks to complete. The city is supportive of these efforts and is looking forward to assessing the results.”

Jacob Price, who lives behind the church, said on social media in October that members there practice performances at full volume 4-5 days a week, including Sunday morning starting between 7 and 7:30 am. “I can be in the shower and hear it. I can be mowing my lawn with a gas mower and I can feel it,” he posted.

“The pictures on our walls rattle. Our children cannot sleep and/or are woken up by the intense Sound at all hours of the night and early morning,” Price said last month. “This is like pulling up to a stop light and hearing a thundering bass in a car. They say they spent (money) on sound proofing but absolutely nothing changed.”

Residents also leveled criticism at the city of Bixby for not being aggressive enough addressing the issues. The city said late last month that it would work to protect religious freedom of the church while encouraging the church to be good neighbors and address complaints.

Some members have defended the church, saying its administration has done everything it can to please the neighbors.

It’s not the first time nearby neighborhoods have complained about noise coming from the building. The Tulsa World reported in 2008 that about 50 residents of the Legacy Park and Southern Country neighborhoods, which are east and south of what was then the SpiritBank Event Center, attended a Bixby City Council meeting to discuss noise issues during a concert.

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