Barricaded suspect, woman die in officer-involved shooting in Tulsa


By John Dobberstein, Editor

Tulsa police say a barricaded suspect who was shot by police, and a woman in the home have both died after a hostage situation unfolded Wednesday in eastern Tulsa.

At about 1:47 p.m., a call of a burglary-in-progress was received at 483 S. 73rd E. Ave. The caller stated someone was trying to break into his house and police needed to get there.

At 2:04 p.m., a female called from a separate address and advised she thought there may have been a domestic incident at 483 S. 73rd E Ave. and that someone might have been stabbed.

At 2:07 p.m., a 911 call was received advising a black male walking down the street in the area of the previous calls was bleeding and stating he had been shot. Officers responded to the area and located the subject at 400 S. 69th E Ave.

The victim confirmed he was trying to get into he and his sister Rayanna Moya's house at 483 S. 73rd E Ave. to check on her, and upon entering the house he was shot at multiple times.

The Tulsa Fire Department (TFD) arrived at the house at that address in response to the domestic and possible stabbing.

Tulsa firefighters encountered an adult male, Jujuan Ballard, in front of the house and a child in the bed of a pickup in the driveway. TFD asked if everyone was okay as there were reports of a stabbing.

The suspect, Jujuan Ballard replied that everyone was fine, that another male had broken the glass door and tried to enter the house but ran away.

At this time the child told one of the firemen that his mom was bleeding in the bathroom of the house.

Firefighters asked if they could go in the house and check to make sure no one was hurt. The male said yes, but then pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the fire crew.

Firefighters ran to cover and advised dispatch that the male pulled a gun on them. A Tulsa police officer arrived at this time and when exiting his car, he was fired at multiple times by the suspect.

The officer was struck once in the hand as he moved to cover. Police set up containment and the Tulsa Police Special Operations Team was activated and instructed to respond to the location.

The children present at the scene were moved to safety by a Tulsa Fire Department firefighter from Ladder 22. The Officer sustained minor injuries and eventually went to the hospital for treatment.

Jujuan Ballard began contacting his friends and family and confirmed he was the male present inside 483 S 73rd E. Ave.

Ballard told Officers and SOT Negotiators that he would exit the residence multiple times, but he never left.

A lengthy standoff ensued, during which Ballard fired shots out of the residence. Ballard refused to follow multiple commands to exit the residence.

Tulsa police said in a social media post that were treating this as an active hostage situation where the suspect had already demonstrated a propensity for violence and the apparent disregard for human life.

The department reiterated officers gave numerous commands for the suspect to exit the residence, as did his friends and family.

Ballard fired numerous rounds from inside of the house at officers outside of the house.

Due to the great risk of continued harm to any hostages in the residence, when Ballard was in the doorway to the house and refused to come out, a precision r B ifle operator with the Special Operations Team fired one round, striking Ballard in the shoulder.

SOT medics moved in quickly and rendered first aid to Ballard who was subsequently transported to a local hospital.

While looking for the hostage, we found Rayanna Moya in the bathroom of the residence. Rayanna appeared to have been violently assaulted and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jujuan Ballard succumbed to his injuries and died at the hospital. The officer who fired the shot is on administrative leave at this time.

Tulsa police said the district attorney’s office will review the case and determine if the actions of the officer were lawful.

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