Flock Camera System Assurances

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The BA City Council is kind of blowing smoke on the Flock Camera System.  Every License Plate must be read whether it is wanted or not and sent to a central location.  If it's not wanted it's cast aside and not used and most definitely not forgotten.

I've done enough system's work to know that every application has activity logging.  A license plate that is read will be logged somewhere.  That's how they know their system is operating correctly.

Years ago our government began sweeping up all data in  phone systems.  Ed Snowden told us that.  The temptation is just too great to pass up.  There are warehouses like the one in Salt Lake City that sweeps all telephone information into its giant belly.  You must know that the Flockers have back doors too.  

It really doesn't matter much any more though.  Just about all cars have cell phones and GPS that can be easily programmed to send out daily signals of their locations.  


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